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Where can we find answers to current womens issues? At times we need health tips for both ourselves and our families. How about beauty and personal care that we often forget or leave for last?

Computers and technology can overwhelm us at times, especially when we feel like our kids know more about computers than we do. That is just the beginning of the type of information you will find here in our women's issues article directory.

I have dedicated this website to the women of today. We lead much busier lives than women of the past in the sense that many of us work outside the home and manage a family at the same time. We are not super women, though at times we may wish we were.

I have designed this site in the hopes that you have a place to come to when you need to be informed about certain things that come up in your life. I have tried to cover what I thought would be most helpful and will continue to add articles and information that I feel would benefit you.

Hope you will stop by often and find this website of benefit to you and your family.

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